Clinical Mapping Services


The billing process is the most integral portion of the entire revenue cycle management. The accurate data capture in the early stages greatly benefits the entire RCM. This is where the correct coding system comes into play.

In EGYPT, the government has made it mandatory to use standard medical codes as part of providers’ e-claim transactions. So correct coding helps you with both correct billing, ensuring lesser denial and also compliance.

With RCM , you get an experienced team who can manage all your transcriptions, billings, appointments scheduling and coding which ensures convenience and reduced costs. Our personnels have advanced knowledge and experience across the various coding framework.
Clinical Mapping Services

We support healthcare facilities with mapping services to be up-to-date with market needs, done by professional and certified clinical coders.

10th Edition AM-10-Diagnosis Codes to ICD.
Procedures/Health Interventions Codes to Saudi Billing System (SBS) .
Outpatient Cost/ Ambulatory Services, Consultation, Room and Board, Inpatient Rounding to Saudi Billing System (SBS) .


Medical Devices to GMDN .
Oral Health to SBS (Inpatient) and ADA (Outpatient).
Packaged Pharmaceuticals to SFDA (GTIN) .
Laboratory Tests, Observations and Blood Bank products to SBS .
Imaging Procedures to SBS .
Ambulance and Transportation Services to SBS .
CPT Codes to SBS-NPHIES Codes .